About Clarity Pharma

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Operating since 1998, Clarity Global Group is a leading pharmaceutical and health distribution services provider, specialising in commercial activities, logistics and marketing.

We work on behalf of manufacturers within the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industry to provide an expert sales and distribution platform across multiple channels and on a worldwide scale. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art 3PL warehousing facilities for short and long-term storage of pharmaceutical requirements. Our wealth of experience also allows us to offer consulting services for healthcare and pharmaceutical market access.

With operating bases in London and Madrid, we have a global reach and clients from across the world, including across the EU, Russia, the US, Mexico and India. We are a global group, meaning we can help your business wherever you happen to be – and we are constantly expanding.

We follow a strict set of values that we have put in place to provide best-in-class multi-channel distribution services. Our promises to our clients are that we will be:

Responsive: Committing to increase UK and global access to the highest quality medical devices and medicines by delivering these items quickly.

Nurturing: Developing business partnerships with our clients that are longstanding amongst pharmaceutical manufacturers globally, delivering consistent results.

Trustworthy: Providing transparent services that follow integrity, dedication, professionalism and reliability, setting high standards to deliver the services our clients want.

Supportive: Striving to deliver our clients the results they want the most through revenue, first-class customer service support and efficient resources for a comprehensive service.


Our Coronavirus Response


Clarity Global Group is constantly expanding into newer and more dynamic medical sectors where professional support and activity is needed. The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has seen the group move rapidly into the supply and marketing of a new range of products designed to protect patients and medical professionals against COVID-19. During this time, we have been assisting medical device manufacturers and pharma companies in all aspects of their business to ensure they receive uninterrupted services when most needed.