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  1. How to Reduce Pharmaceutical Costs Without Cutting Quality

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    At Clarity Pharma, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of pharmaceutical distribution in the UK, which means that we know a thing or two about reducing costs without compromising on quality. With this is in mind, we thought we would put together some helpful information on how to reduce pharmaceutical costs in an industry where quality is paramount. Here are just a few options you could consider when looking for ways to reduce costs and retain quality.

    Can You Negotiate on Individual Raw Materials?

    The first option to begin reducing pharmaceutical costs is to analyse your raw materials and components, think about the possibility of meeting with your vendors and negotiating on costs. If you’re not sure how this is possible, simply ask them for any advice on reducing the costs and they may already have a couple of ideas. Suggestions may include trying different ordering patterns or compromising on the way in which y

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  2. Why Pharmaceutical Compliance Consulting is Necessary for Your Business


    Within the pharmaceutical industry, working in accordance to the industry regulations is vital. The regulations are put in place to ensure that all medical products and new drugs are developed in line with legal guidelines, matching the industry standard of healthcare products.

    Pharmaceutical regulations have been developed by professionals across the globe, combining their specialisms to produce legislations that can ensure quality is met throughout the healthcare industry. With technological advancements and new innovation being developed continually, this applies to the associated regulations too. Pharmaceutical compliance consulting is a cost effective way to ensure that any product developments comply with both existing and new industry regulations, meeting the quality standards which are required. With the health of consumers being a number one priority, regulations are in place to guarantee that healthcare companies are all maintaining the required legislations to provide

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  3. The Role Market Research Plays in Pharmaceutical Marketing

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    The pharmaceutical industry is forever changing, with new product innovation being developed and enhanced technology allowing for more in depth market research than ever before. Undertaking different types of pharmaceutical market research allows pharma companies to meet consumer demands and identify the areas which can be tapped into, gaining the insights that are needed to grow. With multiple companies competing to take the lead and develop cutting edge solutions, staying relevant by utilising the insights available from research can source new opportunities within the market and provide benefits to both their business and consumer needs.

    Understanding the market

    Identifying the relevant market(s) to launch a new drug in can determine the success of the product release. Types of pharmaceutical market research into the potential opportunities and threats that could arise can help identify the ideal locations to go ahead with. Looking into any spikes in diseases in

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  4. How Are Pharmaceuticals Manufactured Across the Globe?

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    The pharmaceutical industry is continuing to evolve, with research and development processes improving on an ongoing basis. From utilising the technologies and resources available to supporting developing markets, the potential for change is growing continuously. Having a full understanding of how pharmaceuticals are manufactured globally is a great step in the right direction for global health, enhancing the quality of the pharmaceuticals and speeding up the manufacturing process to provide a better supply of the medicines that are needed.

    How are pharmaceuticals manufactured worldwide?

    The EU and USA are home to leading manufacturing facilities of pharmaceutical ingredients, being followed by India and China who also offer a significant contribution. With different nation’s leading in different areas, global affiliates are essential for creating advanced solutions for the benefit of public health.

    For example, the US is a world leader in biomedical r

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  5. How Has the Pharmaceutical Industry Changed Over the Past Year?

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    As we settle into 2021 and approach a year since the UK announced the first national lockdown, reflecting on the past year has allowed us to identify the changes that have been particularly noticeable in the pharmaceutical industry. The Coronavirus pandemic led to a record number of changes, with each and every one of us having to adapt and go above and beyond to do our part. But how has the pharmaceutical industry changed as a whole throughout this period? We discuss just some of the most noteworthy changes and their impact on the pharma industry.

    Increases in public funding

    2020 was a very significant year for us all, with the pharmaceutical industry being relied on more than ever. Public funding was invested heavily into research and development, with a push to find new solutions in faster timeframes than we’re used to. The urgency surrounding the production of a Covid-19 vaccine stimulated both collaborations and innovations across the industry, g

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