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  1. How Do Vaccines Work?

    How Do Vaccines Work?

    With the COVID-19 vaccine moving quickly from research to millions vaccinated across the globe, many people have become interested in the way vaccines are developed. Of course, many of us have received vaccines for other diseases during our lifetime, with them playing an important part in protecting the human population from long-term sickness. As pharmaceutical distributors, we have played our part in ensuring the safe transportation of medical products with our expert services, and know the logistical challenges faced with mass-vaccination programs. So, how do vaccines work?

    Research and Development of Vaccines

    Put simply, vaccines are developed to help train the human body’s immune system to make it stronger in fighting disease or infection. Their purpose is to prevent disease before it happens, protecting the body from developing serious symptoms and harming the immune system. Once a v

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  2. How Do Pharmaceutical Business Consultants Work?

    Office consultant

    If you’re looking for a way to further your pharmaceutical business, whether its focus is in biotechnology, consumer health or pharmaceutical industries, then you may benefit from the help of a consultant. To build your pharmaceutical business, you need to have access to legal, product and clinical development, business strategy, and human resources experts. But for a start-up especially, this isn’t always achievable. This is where pharmaceutical business consultants come in.

    But before you jump into your search, you need to understand what exactly a pharmaceutical business consultant actually does and how they can help you. This is why our team at Clarity Pharma have put together the all-you-could-need guide on how a pharmaceutical business consultant works, and what they can bring to the table. So, if you’re looking for reliable pharmaceutical distribution in the UK, and more useful advice you might not have realised you needed, then

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  3. The Role of Data in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    data and analytics

    How Pharmaceutical Companies Use Analytics and Data

    Did you know that pharmaceutical companies have always relied on empirical data in order to test theories, identify patterns, and understand the efficacy of different treatments? Data analytics specifically is just the latest evolution of ways in which we can access more valuable and greater information and data. This is what makes it an invaluable tool for pharmaceutical companies, and why we, as a leading pharmaceutical dispenser in the UK, believe that our clients should be informed of its importance. Keep reading to find out how pharmaceutical companies use analytics and why its important.

    Acceleration of Drug Development

    Being able to bring new drugs to the market at an accelerated pace is a huge benefit to any pharmaceutical company, and analytics can be used to fast-track these processes. They allow us to intelligently search vast data sets of patents,

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