Controlled Drugs

With a high level of expertise in providing bespoke pharmaceutical distribution across the United Kingdom and worldwide, Clarity Pharma offer a trusted storage solution for controlled drugs in the UK. We help our clients manage sales of controlled drugs across multiple channels including:

  • Wholesale: full-line and short-line
  • Hospitals: in-patient, out-patient, NHS hospitals, private hospitals and approved homecare companies
  • General practitioners: dispensing and non-dispensing doctors

We are fully Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant and MHRA and Home Office Approved, closely following all legislation and laws to ensure the utmost safety. With our recently built warehouse providing a safe and secure solution for controlled drugs in the UK, there is no better time to work with Clarity Pharma.

Controlled Drugs

Controlled Drugs Storage

Storage of controlled drugs in the UK requires specific regulations to be met. To meet the needs of medical patients and avoid unauthorised personnel from accessing the controlled drugs storage, a high level of security is required.
Our controlled drug system consists of 578ft² of controlled drugs, equating to 12 pallets, which are fully secured behind a three-ton safe door. We ensure the highest level of security, with 24-hour CCTV and an independent alarm, vibration sensors and dual ID to access the vault. We are also licensed to hold schedule II-V drugs. To ensure we can maintain full operation 24/7, 365 days a year, our controlled drugs storage includes a diesel backup generator in case of any unexpected power outages or down time.

We use CGG security tape, a tamper-evident and high-quality tape with a pharma goods advisory to prevent unauthorized persons from meddling with the controlled drugs without knowing. High tack is used due to its professional high quality adhesive properties which bonds materials with minimal risk of weakening.

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Controlled Drugs Storage, Sales and Distribution

Alongside controlled drugs storage, we are experts in specialty pharmaceutical sales so you can achieve the best results working alongside Clarity Pharma. We will work with you to develop a thorough sales strategy, established through a combination of market intelligence and your unique business goals.

We opened the doors of our third party logistics warehouse in 2019, offering a cost-effective storage solution for those in the pharmaceutical industry. The 3PL warehouse is fully compliant with the new Medical Device Regulations and is licensed to store the majority of human healthcare products and clinical samples. We also offer multi-channel distribution services to help distribute vital pharmaceutical products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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With over 20 years of experience providing commercial expertise aligned with strong first class sales and distribution, we aim to continuing making a difference through the work that we do. With a vision to continue to nurture a winning network of partners, you can be confident that you are working with a trusted pharmaceutical business.

If you would like to discuss controlled drugs storage or have any queries, contact Clarity Pharma today. We are here to assist you and will work with you to meet your individual goals in the most efficient of ways.