Multi Channel Distribution

Here at Clarity Pharma, we have over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical distribution industry, helping increase UK and global access to vital medicines and medical equipment by facilitating ease of access and delivering items quickly. We offer full-service multi channel distribution services, helping manufacturers manage sales into the most prudent and valuable healthcare and pharma distribution channels in a highly streamlined and cost-efficient manner.

With our award-winning multi channel distribution services, we help clients manage sales into a range of desirable channels, including:

  • Wholesale pharma distribution channels, including full line and short line services
  • Hospital settings, including in-patient and out-patient NHS Hospitals, private hospitals as well as homecare companies where approved
  • General practitioners, including both dispensing and non-dispensing doctors.


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Headquartered in the London Stansted area, near the M11 corridor, we are well-placed for efficient multi channel distribution, with ease of access to both land and air transport to get your products where they need to be quickly.

We have two state-of-the-art warehousing facilities that are suitable for long and short-term housing of pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare products requiring ambient and chilled storage conditions. We are licensed to store most types of human pharmaceutical and healthcare products, including clinical samples. As part of your multi channel distribution strategy, we offer affordable stock holding which allows for quicker and more effective delivery to all pharma distribution channels.

Full Service Multi Channel Distribution Strategy

Your multi channel distribution strategy will be specifically designed to suit the nature and needs of your business, maximising revenue and helping you achieve specific smart goals. We are committed to providing best-in-class services, following a strict set of values and promising all clients a responsive, nurturing, trustworthy and supportive relationship. We deliver consistent results by developing longstanding business partnerships, provide transparency at every stage and offer a results-focussed, efficient and comprehensive service.

Clarity Pharma is well placed as a leader in pharmaceutical distribution in the UK and globally, and use our experience and global reach to design the most efficient and rewarding multi channel distribution strategy for every client, no matter your scale. We will look after every aspect of the multi channel distribution process for our clients, including:

  • Initial stock holding
  • Negotiating wholesale discounts
  • Negotiating commercial deals with wholesaler partners
  • Monitoring sales data
  • Proactively targeting sales through telesales
  • Processing orders
  • Pick, pack and deliver
  • Invoicing
  • Collecting payment
  • Credit control
  • Emergency stock holding and order validation

Additionally, we are able to lend our expertise through our award-winning pharmaceutical consulting services, providing excellent insights on every stage of your product development and sales including parallel trade and patent expiry.

To find out more about our full service of pharma distribution channels and how we can develop an efficient and scalable multi channel distribution strategy for your business, contact us today.