Our Team

At Clarity Pharma, we have expert teams of Sales Executives, Commercial Intelligence and Insights, Warehouse Technicians, Commercial Consultancy, and Business Development Managers.

With our breadth of healthcare expertise spanning over 23 years, we are a trusted, long-term partner for our clients. Offering specialist knowledge and technical competence, we take care of your logistics, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

At Clarity Pharma our key services include: 

  1. Warehouse, 3PL & 4PL
  • Clarity Pharma have state of the art modern facilities, utilising the latest technologies and innovations in storage, logistics and fulfilment services.
  • Our services also include fully managed inventory, negotiating wholesale discounts, delivering orders, collecting payment, and chasing debts.

  1. Specialist warehousing and logistics for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device community
  • This is a gold standard bespoke service as used by our current clients

      3. Medical Sales, Pharma & Product Placement

  • Our experienced Telesales team can offer a complete tailor-made flexible solution to help you meet and exceed the aims of your organisation working alongside your external sales teams


      4.Commercial Intelligence

  • We have 20yrs of experience, and have gathered specific analytics and insights in the medical and pharma specialist area


We also provide flexible logistic solutions covering 98% of the UK in temperature-controlled vehicles. We offer same day and next day delivery, scheduled delivery and we deliver to wholesalers, direct to pharmacy, NHS hospitals, private hospitals, doctors surgeries and clinics. 

As an organisation, we understand that data must be handled securely. For more information about how we collect, store and use data please see our privacy policy at https://www.clarity-pharma.com/privacy-policy

Our Business Development Managers at Clarity Pharma would like to help with any enquires or questions you may have related to our products and services. Given the opportunity they would like to have an open discussion about how Clarity Pharma could help your business move forward.


Maria Krystallidi

Email address: maria.krystallidi@clarityglobalgroup.com

Mobile number: + 44 (0) 7741090578



Pedro Melgar

Email address: pedro.melgar@clarity-pharma.com 

Mobile number: +44 (0) 7741073039

Pedro Melga From Clarity


Dominic Price

Email address: dominic.price@clarity-pharma.com

Mobile number: +44 (0) 7467288868


Manni Dhamu

Email address: manni.dhamu@clarity-pharma.com

Mobile number: +44 (0) 7467309020


Ruth Spencer

Email address: ruth.spencer@clarity-pharma.com

Mobile number: +44 (0) 7467268888